Cut the cord?

Not Cable

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The hard disk in my DVR died recently. I should have known it would happen at some point, all hard disks fail eventually. I’ve lost track of how many I’ve replaced over the years. Of course, I’ve learned to consistently back up important data, and restore it periodically (you don’t have a backup if you can’t restore it). From my iPhone to the RAID arrays in the enterprise I’m always backed up. Except my DVR.

When the drive started clicking, my heart sank. All those episodes of “The Voice” that I was saving to watch in order, the recording of Tracy on “Today” getting a make over, the episodes of “Muscle Car”… gone. No backup.

Almost as bad, I now had to watch TV in linear mode. No pause, no rewind. No skipping commercials.

I realized how important that one little hard drive was.

I started thinking. Should I cut the cord? Should I base my video entertainment around online, cloud based services? Should I get a Roku or Boxee? How frustrating would the fragmentation of content be? Would the quality be ok? Bandwidth? Would it be free? If not, would it be cheaper than Cable?

Sounded like a lot of work. Entertainment should be easy.

In the end, I switched to different provider. Might as well go for triple-play, I thought, especially since my telephone land line goes out every time it rains… save a few bucks and get a new hard disk to boot. Question: do I still call it “Cable” even though it comes to my house via fiber?

Now if only someone would come up with a way to back up that hard disk…


Found a way to attach eSata drives to my Motorola set top box. Stay tuned…

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