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What Facebook and Google Know About Us

It’s no surprise that the duopoly collects data about us as we use their applications. But you might be shocked by how much they actually store and the way they use it. Both the iOS and Android operating systems allow access to the sensors and data on our smartphones, across the majority of the apps installed […] Read More

Cordless Adventures

So, I finally “cut the cord”. We had the full MVPD package with HBO, Showtime, STARZ, you name it we had it. All because I am addicted to NFL Redzone during fantasy football season and the provider (FIOS) only includes it with the premium package. Then one late summer morning we got “the letter”, informing […] Read More

The Advertising Perspectives Blog is Back!

The Advertising Perspectives blog has been on hiatus for quite a while now. The RSS feed has been holding our place on the interwebs. We actually started this blog as our own personal source for news in the marketing technology space and I read the feed first thing every morning. Now that the marketing industry […] Read More

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